World Cup Update......and Congratulations!!


World Cup Update......and Congratulations!!

Staff and students have been busy designing T-Shirts to support the teams that they drew in the BCT World Cup sweep stake!  See below for some photos.

Now, just to point out - much to her disappointment Katie did not draw Portugal in the sweep stake.  Anyone who knows Katie will know how gutted she was about this because she just loves Portugal and has a slight obsession with Ronaldo!  So, we thought we would let her off with designing a Portugal T-Shirt even though it wasn't one of her teams!  Katie's disappointment at not drawing Portugal was very quickly forgotten about this weekend as she got engaged!!  Fred (who, funnily enough is from Portugal) proposed to our lovely Katie on Saturday!

All of the staff and students wish you every happiness in your future together.

As for the World Cup @BCT we will keep you posted Facebook about the winners.....and the losers LOL!




Dates to remember!

Monday 25 July 2022
Tuesday 14 June 2022