Spotlight on.......Craig Davison


Spotlight on.......Craig Davison

We chose some of our September starts to answer a few questions about their first few months at Belfast Central Training.  We hope this will help anyone else who is considering signing up to do a course with us in 2019!


Who –   Craig Davison

Department –   Retail

When did you start? –   September 2018

How did you hear about BCT?  How did you sign up? –

My brother goes to Belfast Central Training and he is studying catering.  He told me about the courses that I could do so I signed up.


Did you already know students here or ones that were starting at the same time as you? –

I only knew my brother.


What did you think of Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp was good.  It helped me get to know everything that I needed to know when I started.


Tell us about your placement, where is it, do you like it, what do you enjoy most about it?

My placement is in CEX, it's a bit busy but I do like it.


What do you do when you come into BCT each week, do you find it fun?

I learn Maths, English, ICT, Employability, Personal Development and Retail.  It's very good and lots of fun.


How do you feel your first 3 months have gone?

I'm happy here and I am happy with my placement.  I've settled in well at Belfast Central Training.


If you had to tell future students one thing about BCT what would it be?

I would tell people it is a lot of fun here, you'll meet interesting people and the tutors are very nice.


Thank you Craig!!


Dates to remember!

Monday 25 July 2022
Tuesday 14 June 2022