Spotlight on .........Ellie Larmour


Spotlight on .........Ellie Larmour

We chose some of our September starts to answer a few questions about their first few months at Belfast Central Training.  We hope this will help anyone else who is considering signing up to do a course with us in 2019!


Who –   Ellie Larmour

Department –   Hairdressing

When did you start? –   September 2018

How did you hear about BCT?  How did you sign up? –

My placement wanted me to do a Hairdressing qualifciation and a student from BCT told me about it and I came in and signed myself up.


Did you already know students here or ones that were starting at the same time as you? –

My friends Taylor, Billie and Taylor B were coming and I knew a couple of people who were here already!


What did you think of Bootcamp?

I think Bootcamp was good because you got to know everyone and make friends with people you didn't know!


Tell us about your placement, where is it, do you like it, what do you enjoy most about it?

I love my placement, it is in Holywood.  I love the people that work there and I love that I am getting training too!


What do you do when you come into BCT each week, do you find it fun?

I love my Essential Skills day, I find that time flies in and I find it funny.  I also love learning new things on my Hairdressing day and getting all of my work completed.


How do you feel your first 4 months have gone?

I feel like it has gone so well.  I have made new friends and I thinkg I am working well.


If you had to tell future students one thing about BCT what would it be?

That everyone is so friendly and welcoming and I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially doing Hairdressing.


Thank you Ellie!  Keep up the hard work!

Dates to remember!

Monday 25 July 2022
Tuesday 14 June 2022