Want to bag a career in retail? Step right this way...


Whether you’re totally new to sales or a supervisor or manager that wants a career that you can really cash in on, then this is for you!


So, let’s pick the right level for you …..


Level 1

Do you want to try a career in retail for size?  Our industry professionals will help you develop and practice the skills you need.


Level 2

Want to take your career to the next level? This will teach you all you need to know from processing orders to workplace health & safety.  Plus, you can specialise in visual merchandising, working with photographic equipment or specific food types, and even take the certificate as part of the retail ApprenticeshipsNI.


Level 3

If you have your sights set on a role in Retail Management, Visual Merchandising or as a Sales Professional, this course will help you develop skills that will really impress potential employers.  These include financial arrangements for customers and business planning, plus an opportunity to train in management of people and resources.


All of our retail qualifications are available through Training for Success, ApprenticeshipsNI and on a private basis*.


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*Prices available on request