Catering & Hospitality Dept is expanding.......


Catering & Hospitality Dept is expanding.......

Our Catering & Hospitality Department is exanding........

We would like to introduce you to our 2 new members of staff!

They are settling in very well and meeting all of our students.

This is Juno.  He will be one of our Catering Tutors.  Juno joins us straigh from industry, most recently working for French Village in Belfast.  He will continue to work in industry also which means that our students will be getting first class up to date training!

This is Lisa!  She will be one of our Hospitality tutors.  Just like Juno, Lisa has joined us straight from industry most recently working for the Merchant Hotel and before that in various locations in America.

If you see them out and about stop them and say hello and sign up to one of our courses!



Dates to remember!

Thursday 26 September 2019