Bootcamp at BCT!


Bootcamp at BCT!


Things have been busy here at BCT as all of our new trainees have been attending our boot camp. On Monday the 4th of September everyone arrived first thing in the morning ready to start their new chapter. We understand that first day nerves are completely normal so at BCT we thought the best way to ease in our new trainees would be to have a really fun induction period so everyone could focus on getting to know each other.

We are now finished week two of BCT boot camp and are delighted to report that there has been a lot of laughing, with both the trainees and tutors, as well as a range of interactive activities to keep everyone entertained. As you can see for yourself, our trainees are now feeling totally comfortable with their new classmates and surroundings. They are now fully aware of what they have to do to really make the most of their time at BCT.

Stay tuned for weeks three and four of boot camp where we will be interviewing our new students and finding out some interesting facts about them...