Meet our Student Of The Month – Kyle Guthrie

We have chosen to support Save the Children by participating in the Christmas Jumper Day.  However, we are not just doing one day - sure where would the fun be in that?  We are running it for a week so that all students at Belfast Central Training have the opportunity to join in!!

We are currently accepting applications for the post of Essential Skills Tutor.

The Essential Skills tutor will work with Apprentices throughout Northern Ireland in one to one or group settings.

Essential Criteria

We will be starting a Private Barbering course for those who are not eligble for Training for Success or ApprenticeshipsNI.

Places in this class are limited.

The cost of this course is £800 and this includes your Barbering Kit! 

We still have places left on all of our courses for September start! 

If you have just received your GCSE results and you are unsure of what to do next why not sign up for one of our courses?